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aldriena in zutara_rewatch

Book 1, Chapter 18 & 19

1-18: The Waterbending Master

You can watch the episode here.

Summary: Finally reaching the North Pole, Aang finds a Waterbending Master. However, the Master refuses to teach Katara because she is a girl. Meanwhile, Sokka spends time with Yue, Princess of the Northern Water Tribe. Admiral Zhao hires the pirates (from The Waterbending Scroll) to assassinate Zuko while he prepares a massive fleet to invade the North Pole. (from Wikipedia)

1-19: The Siege of the North, Part I

You can watch the episode here.

Summary: The Northern Water Tribe braces against the attack by the Fire Nation. Meanwhile, Zuko sneaks into the North Pole to capture the Avatar. Aang, realizing that the Water Tribe cannot defeat Zhao's fleet alone, decides to visit the Spirit World to get help from the Moon and Ocean spirits. (from wikipedia)

Next post: Friday, 6/6: The Siege of the North, Part II

Another GIRL POWER!! episode, haha. And ohhh boy, it's time for the first real Zuko and Katara fight!


Appropriate icon is appropriate

I love love love both these episodes. <3 So awesome.

Katara's fight scene with Pakku is amazing. It's so great to see the extent of her skills, and I have to keep reminding myself that she taught herself everything. It's crazy.

And The Zutara fight scene is even awesomer. Finally, Zuko realizes she's more than the Avatar's waterbending companion who he can tie to a tree and have sexytiems with, and Katara once again proves she can fight.

"You rise with the moon. I rise with the sun."

AAAH~! *dies*

Also, Tui and La totally ship Zutara. :3
"Climb on, everyone, Sokka's ready for take-off." [chokes]

A gender equality message in our cartoons? I'm so proud!

Yue has bunny-ear hair. Cute! And also appropriate.

The one thing that upset me about these episodes was the solely negative characterization of arranged marriages. They're portrayed as really backwards and repressing in all scenarios (Yue's and Pakku's) and i can't help but be a little peeved at that. I see the message, and it works out plotwise, but i can't help but wonder if they could have been a little less forceful and one-sided about it.

Fight of Win! [sigh]

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