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Book 2, Chapter 3

2-03: Return to Omashu

You can watch the episode here.

Summary: The kids return to Omashu so that Aang can learn Earthbending from King Bumi. But when they get there, they are shocked to find the city is now in Fire Nation hands. Despite the danger, Aang enters Omashu in search of King Bumi.(from avatarspirit.net)

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Oh, the first fight between Mai and Katara. Would have been good to get her out of the way, then, so we could have been saved the..."sweet"...banter between Zuko and Mai later on.

"I love it when you hate the world." ...ugh

Oh, you gotta love the pentapus...pentapi? And the Resident Evil moment when all the "sick" people come out. And I love how everyone's all, "Hey, I think I've heard of Pentapox!"

I love the music they play whenever the baby pops up. Da-DUN-da da-DUN-da. It reminds me of my nephew crawling after my cat, and how all my pets would run away, scared of him. Poor Momo...My cat's been cornered by my nephew before, and he turned around, claws out, ready to fight for his life before I picked my cat up and said, "OKAY! That's enough playing for now."

And WHY WERE THEY LEAVING THAT BABY ALONE?! With an open balcony he could FALL OFF OF, no doubt! Child neglect!

I always marvel at how King Bumi manages not to get killed, or at least break something, during that whole "escape" sequence. I mean...head being held in place by a large metal frame, while his body is tossed about haphazardly...Must be nice to be an animated character *dreamy look on face*

All in all, I never found this episode in it's entirety very memorable, but there were a few moments. Nothing Zutara related until now, while rewatching this, I think every time I see Mai and Katara fight, it will take on a deeper meaning when I root for Katara!

July 2008

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