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zutara_rewatch's Journal

Zutarian Avatar: the Last Airbender series rewatch
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Zutara Rewatch:
A community for Zutarian AtLA fans to get together and rewatch the Avatar series before the finale in July.

A place where we can get together and squee over our favorite Zutara moments: "I'll save you from the pirates," "what's wrong with ponytails, ponytail?", "that's something we have in common," and many more~

If you are not a Zutara fan but would still like to participate in a rewatch of the Avatar series, visit our affiliate, atla_rewatch. :)

1. No serious bashing. This is a Zutara-centric community, but that does not mean you are free to hate on other ships. If you want to joke about them in a good nature, that's fine. But no "OMG KATAANGERS ARE ALL A BUNCH OF STUPIDHEADS!!!1!1one", alright? :)

2. As new episodes surface, we do ask that you refrain from discussing them. We may have a designated post for new episode discussion in relation to the episodes we're rewatching, but that will be the only place to mention things from new episodes.

3. LULZ are welcome and much appreciated. :D Fandom is supposed to be about having fun, amirite? ♥

4. ????


This community may contain spoilers from episodes up to The Firebending Masters and the NYCC panel. We have decided that any information Bryke was willing to openly share with the entire convention is not super!secretive enough to censor. All new episode discussion will be allowed only in designated posts.

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